It’s when the discomfort strikes that they realize a strong mind is the most powerful weapon of all. ― Chrissie Wellington

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Mental performance addresses the psychology of sport performance. This discipline focuses on understanding the factors that allow elite performers and organizations to excel consistently. The field has emerged from several decades of studying performance excellence in sports, business, military, and performing arts. The evidence is clear, a performer's mental state is crucial and training it alongside the physical, technical, and tactical components will have an impact. 

The mental training process consists of education, awareness, implementation, and evaluation. Typically, this process includes assessments, multiple conversations, and performance observations. The goal with this approach is to enhance strengths and improve the proficiency of weaknesses. The individuality of the services provided can't be overlooked and must be considered when working with clientele. Some of the desired mental performance outcomes consist of stress management, optimal motivation, confidence in oneself/others, execution of routines, regulation of thoughts/emotions, and an ability to maintain attention. 

The organization responsible for overseeing the providers of mental performance services in Canada is the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. CSPA Professional Members must meet a high standard of education and training and have gone through an extensive review process to obtain membership. The CSPA is an important organization as it ensures performers that the Mental Performance Consultants they are working with are qualified, ethical, and practicing within their abilities. 



"The Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) is an organization devoted to applied sport psychology. Applied sport psychology involves facilitating the development of mental and emotional skills, techniques, attitudes, perspectives, and processes that lead to performance enhancement and positive personal development. The CSPA logo embodies the yin-yang symbol to reflect our vision and appreciation of the physical and psychosocial dimensions of well-being of performance as well as the holistic development of individuals who are not just "athletes" performing in sport but "persons" performing in life."